As cheap Oakley’s super powder, especially thanks to the platform sent to the evaluation opportunities, although because of all kinds of non-fruit reasons, evaluation of a small six months late, and I also can not bear, has two with the evaluation of the same style of the latest Ultra-light series Oakley EV Zero zero series ~ burning goose, is still happy ~ on Oakley glasses, the more the better, the best has a cabinet to do!

There is no need to introduce this company, do not know the waves open to find the mother to cry.

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I have always liked cheap Oakley’s glasses, initially because of the desert storm action in the handsome tricks of the US soldiers, many with a Oakley M2, handsome bad ~ and until later, I decided to buy cheap Oakley sunglasses, I Do a lot of material on the Oakley glasses collection, was surprised to find the previous superficial, always thought it depends on the family value, but who knows Oakley happens to be a real technology mad!

Oakley launched this year is a landmark sports glasses EV Zero Zero series, which is Oakley history, the lightest sports glasses, and subversive to frameless surface design to replace the traditional frame, so as to further reduce the weight of the glasses themselves To provide a broader vision, it turns out that this is an excellent sports glasses, I have EV zero Path zero series of 9313-06 photosensitive variable color models, EV zero Range zero – large series of 9337-03 mountain to strengthen the section, and pole This time the evaluation of the EV zero Path zero series of 9313-02 red iridium coating section and have to mention is that they are Asian version! More suitable for the physiological characteristics of Asians, including cheekbones, nose height, nose width, glasses tilt angle of the lens, and even interpupillary distance and so we may not notice the content, cheap Oakleys all have a note and make the corresponding adjustments.

“Extremely resistant, high-definition, ultra-comfortable”

Mirror legs still use O’s patented technology O matter material. (Lightweight synthetic fiber with impact protection structure, durable, can effectively resist the adverse effects caused by extreme environments, comfortable, tough, durable, once someone riding a motorcycle accidentally fall behind, followed by a car over pressure, the whole glasses There is no structural problem at all)

Loudspeaker with iridium coating, high purity plutonite material, HDO technology lens (Oakley plutonite lens material can be blocked by the heat generated by the reaction of each solar ultraviolet radiation wavelength, not just blocking UVA and other low-energy wavelength, most glasses can only Block a portion of UV, so they may indicate UV protection only, but the fake Oakleys PLUTONITE Oakley lens material blocks 100% UVA, UVB, UVC, and damage to blue light up to 400 nanometers. Oakley’s protection has been Embedded in the lens material.Therefore, the lens will not scratch, nor will your expansion of the pupil exposed to UV damage, at the same time, Oakley’s optical technology also to enhance the lens curvature of the eye above and two Side protection.

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Cheap Oakley invented the High Definition Optics, a combination of proprietary technology and patented lens technology, which passed all the optical tests of the American National Standards Institute to provide the world with the best clarity and Visual fidelity. HDO has not stopped at the exact pace, and it continues to expand its innovation in impact resistance to meet uncompromising standards of protection; it also provides 100 percent UV filtering. OakleyHDO in the protection of the eyes while also ensuring that the brain to obtain optical technology can provide the most accurate visual information, it is this achievement of the championship, has become a loyal partner of US soldiers.

Oakley HDO eliminates the general shortcomings of ordinary lens twist to achieve the best performance:

The vision is clearer, sharper, and there is no image damage.

See each object in the field of view without blemish.

Can achieve unparalleled impact protection and 100% UV filter.

The impact resistance of the lens is not only related to the appearance, Oakley’s sunglasses to the American National Standards Association in the impact of all the standards, and even beyond these standards. The test included dropping a metal cone (about a pound) from a four-foot high, and a quarter of an inch of steel balls running at 102 miles per hour, could not cause damage or rupture of the lens, or even scratches:

Resistance to heavy objects in the low-speed operation of the impact force.

High-quality materials not only light and comfortable from cheap oakleys holbrook sunglasses, but also provide high-quality impact resistance.